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3-4 coordinate milling with CNC

3-4 coordinate milling with CNC

TEN fab produces milling at 3- and 4-axis machining centers with high precision and productivity. The presence of additional rotary axes extends the processing capabilities and reduces the number of reset operations, reducing the time spent on manufacturing products.

Milling machining center PILOT MVC-1020

XYZ: 1020х550х520
Table: 1200x550
Rotary Table: D200
Spindle: 10 000 turn/min/15 kW
Workpiece weight : <800 kg

Milling machining center PILOT MVC-550

XYZ: 550x410x460
Table: 650x410
Spindle: 10000 turn/min 7,5 kW
Workpiece weight: <250 kg

Milling machining center DOOSAN DNM 5700

XYZ: 1050x570x510
Spindle: 12000 turn/min 18.5 kW
Table: 1300x570
Rotary table 4 axis: D250
Workpiece weight: < 1000 kg

Milling machining center Mitsubishi M-V5Cn-L

XYZ: 1000х510х450
Spindle: 12000 turn/min/18.5 kW
Table: 1000х510
Workpiece weight: < 600 kg

Vertical horizontal milling machining center TA CHEN TC-MCV 2100H

XYZ: 2100x820x700
Table: 2300x820
Rotary table: D800
Vertical spindle: 12000 turn/min/15 kW
Horizontal spindle: 2000 turn/min/7,5 kW
Workpiece weight: < 3000 kg