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5-axis CNC milling processing

5-axis CNC milling processing

5-axis milling allows the production of complex parts with a curved surface profile, such as impeller pumps, compressor rotors with minimal use of additional devices and reset operations. This allows you to eliminate errors in the basing, and the cycles of the measurement of the part and tool during the processing give guarantees of high accuracy and repeatability of the dimensional parameters. Multi-axis processing allows to reduce the time costs for the production of the product, which makes the processing process cost-effective.

Milling machining center DOOSAN VC630/5AX

XYZ: 650х765х520
Spindle: 12000 turn/min / 18,5 kW
Rotary table: D630
Table slope: +30° -120°
Positioning Accuracy: 0,005 mm 
Rotation Accuracy: 0,001mm
Maximum weight of the workpiece: 500 kg

Milling machining center BUMOTEC S-191-V

XYZ: 400х200х410
Spindle: 30000 turn/min/5 kW
Positioning Accuracy: 0,002 mm

Turning and milling machining center BUMOTEC S-191-R

XYZ:  410x200x400
Turning Spindle: 5500 turn/min, 22 kW
Milling Spindle: 30000 turn/min, 13kW
Rotation of the milling spindle: +115° -25°
Positioning Accuracy: 0,002 mm